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K9 in London schools for the 4th consecutive year.

Drug Detection Sniffer Dogs and their handlers are working in London Borough schools for the fourth year running.

Often working in conjunction with the Police Safer Schools Officers and seeking to combat the exploitation of County Lines, the work we are doing is having a real impact.

We operate openly to act as a high-profile deterrent or more discreetly, scanning students to detect the presence of drugs or search classrooms, communal areas or sleeping accommodation.


Working within a framework developed with each school K9 Deployment deters and prevents the use of and carrying or trafficking of drugs on school premises through a process of educating pupils, staff, and teachers as well as by conducting searches in the school buildings and grounds.

We attend assemblies, provide demonstrations and establish routines resulting in a higher level of vigilance and providing reassurance to Parents and teachers alike that the educational environment is a safe and secure place for young people to learn.

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K9 Deployment sniffer dogs and handlers are trained and accredited to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) standards at a Regional Police Dog Training Centre or trained and accredited by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

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